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The team

We are a small team in Norway and internationally. We believe in the model where we are flexible and can bring in resources that are good at what the project needs instead of just letting a handful of people do everything.

Daniel Granlund

General manager

Customer contact, designer, developer, content producer, marketer you name it. Daniel is the type who didn't learn to specialize himself, a little bit of everything...

Torstein Finberg

Chairman of the Board

Torstein helps Fjellvann reach the finish line with a good ten thousand meter overview and makes sure we don't forget that we're running a business in the midst of all the fun!

Lisa Uhlen Ryssevik

Project manager

Lisa is the diesel engine that keeps the projects moving steadily forward regardless of the weather. Fortunately, it's a little more environmentally friendly.

Erica Fleras


Erica is a joy to work with, designing both profiles and websites for our customers. She has designed much of what you're looking at right now.

Gustavo Silva


Our very own web design and UX marvel. With charm and experience, Gustavo ensures great user experiences and visual impressions.

Lenmuel Del Rosario


Courtesy of Lenmuel, he's our WordPress Magician! Everything from complex and time-consuming setups, to lightning-fast websites that get results.

Eivind Egge


Eivind keeps control and ensures that the money rolls in and out of the company. "He prefers that most of it rolls in, but we almost have to have some costs as well.

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Do you have an exciting project you'd like to kick-start? Get in touch with Daniel at 480 55 624or send an email to [email protected] or use the contact form.

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