A good project starts with good planning!

We take great pride in this part of our deliveries. We need to have a good plan so we can create tangible results.
Minimum budget: 50 000,-

Some of the customers we've worked with

Nor Omega
Maria Mena
Norwegian Public Roads Administration
Telenor Arena
Lifeline Care
Eldorado E-sport
Nor Omega
Maria Mena
Norwegian Public Roads Administration
Telenor Arena
Lifeline Care
Eldorado E-sport

Why have a pre-project and why bring it with us?

We believe in the fact that a day spent planning saves you days of work along the way.

That's why we have a longer process where we get to know the brand, the target group, the opportunity and the goals of your project before we start production.

Fuck all that, let's have a chat

Results come first, design second

The goal is to create results. Whether it's sales, inquiries, reduced support, information sharing or whatever, results come before anything else.

Process-driven method

Creativity is important, but we believe that creativity flourishes best with a good, solid process at its core. Limiting? No, it gives us a safety net to explore!

Nice people!

Expertise, experience and technical skills are all well and good, but we find that the best projects are those where we match up best with the customer. The point is, we're good people and we like working with good people!

Minimize risk with a satisfaction guarantee

We're so confident (or stupid) that we offer a satisfaction guarantee on several of our deliveries.

Some of the projects
we have delivered


Increased conversion and more traffic from Google

Eger Skin Clinic

Frequently asked questions about pre-projects

It varies based on the content to be delivered, but ranges from 50,000 to 100,000.

On the smallest projects, we only include a small amount for the start-up meeting and basic planning.

In short, a pre-project is the planning phase of the website. The main part is a working meeting of one day or 1-3 hours for smaller projects, as well as pre- and post-work.

This is customized for each customer but often includes the following:

Research and preparation

Definition of fire

Defining the target group

Site map

Wireframe sketches

Functional needs and technical assessment

Style map for choosing the right design direction

Project description

For certain projects, it may also be relevant to include:

User surveys

Customer and user interviews

Testing the product and service


Positioning and messaging

Marketing ideas

The way it works is that it's broken down into a few milestones where you have the option to leave the table without cost or billing.

Close without commitment or invoicing after the first working meeting.

No obligation to use us after the pre-project. If you have a pre-project.

On design, you can withdraw after the first draft.

We are a bit "difficult" and make some demands:

Be cool and don't abuse this for fun. 😎

We keep everything we've produced.

This only applies during the selected milestones.

If you pass a milestone without expressing a desire to withdraw, this will not be refunded.

It varies in size, of course, but most pre-projects are between 2 and 4 weeks.

Find out if we're a good match for your project

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