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Who are we?

We are a design agency specializing in website. We have worked with both large and small customers. Everything from Entra to small local businesses and has offices in both Oslo and Ålesund. We are passionate about creating results! The way we do that happens to be through great user experiences and good design. 🔥

Selected projects

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New website and text for innovative green data center

Green Horizon
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First place on Google and over 15 inquiries per month

Intro Ark
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Doubled the number of inquiries with landing pages

Flushing watch
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New fresh profile and easier editing with Webflow

Maria Mena


What does a design agency actually do? We plan, design, develop and manage websites and online stores to ensure results for our customers. What can we help you with?

Customer praise

"We are very pleased with the work from Fjellvann. They respond quickly and fix what needs to be done, even at short notice.

The most important thing is probably that we feel they hit the visual profile that we and Maria want.

We can with hand on heart safely recommend Fjellvann for web and design work! 😊

Henriette Holmen Lem

Manager for Maria Mena

After assistance from various players that did not meet our goals, we are very pleased to have found Fjellvann.

The tasks have varied between strategy, design, development with a focus on both increasing sales and streamlining internally.

We experience the collaboration as safe and know that when we need something, it will be solved even with our extreme deadlines.

Tor Henrik Bruun

Digital Marketing Director, Safedrive

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Frequently asked questions

First and foremost, we almost always deliver on a fixed price so you have something predictable to relate to. There are exceptions in complex development projects, but 95% of projects are delivered on a fixed price.

Not surprisingly, it varies greatly, depending on the delivery and the size of the project, we deliver from anything between 30,000 and 500,000.

The first thing we need to find out is what is to be delivered. Is it a simple logo, a complete visual identity, a simple website, a complex website, what are the functionality requirements, etc. The most common projects we deliver are between 100 000,- and 300 000,- with some deviations on both sides. We can also be hired as a design agency on an ongoing basis.

We're not the cheapest, we're not the most expensive, but we deliver designs and websites that create results!

The smallest projects, such as designing a simple logo, can take as little as two weeks. The largest design projects, such as designing a complete identity and website, can take up to six months or more.

Typically, most of our projects take between 4 and 16 weeks, depending on size, content and of course the good old... how quick you as a customer are to provide feedback and what we need.

Absolutely! We have customers from Finnmark in the north 🥶 and Agder in the south 😎 and everything in between. Oslo and Ålesund just happen to be where we have offices at the moment.

After all, we are a digital design agency and work digitally on most projects, which is usually what suits the customer best. Also, we don't have to bill a lot for travel and instead focus on creating good user experiences and good design.

The way it works is that it's broken down into a few milestones where you have the option to leave the table without cost or billing.

Close without commitment or invoicing after the first working meeting.

No obligation to use us after the pre-project. If you have a pre-project.

On design, you can withdraw after the first draft.

We are a bit "difficult" and make some demands:

Be cool and don't abuse this for fun. 😎

We keep everything we've produced.

This only applies during the selected milestones.

If you pass a milestone without expressing a desire to withdraw, this will not be refunded.

Although we see ourselves as a design agency, we also deliver web development. We usually work in WordPress, Webflow, CraftCMS or completely customized solutions.

Find out if we're a good match for your project

Do you have an exciting project you'd like to kick-start? Get in touch with Daniel at 480 55 624or send an email to [email protected] or use the contact form.

Over 200 projects delivered

Fixed price & Satisfaction guarantee

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